Google Tools

If you are a Google Fan and want to use Gmail and Google Drive for your business we have created some HOW TO VIDEOS for you to save you time.

GMail Email Template:  How to Create a Template

Google Drive

Add-ons Google Mail Apps

Google offers some great Mail Apps to help you become more productive. 

One of the tools they offer is you can 

  • Schedule responses to emails
  • See who people are before you respond to them
  • Set reminders to follow up with people who email you–right from your inbox

    Don’t miss these amazing free apps if you use Google Mail or a Gmail account.

  • Boomerang — Tool for mobile, Gmail and Outlook that allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date.
  • FollowUp — Extend your Gmail inbox with follow-up reminders, email tracking, auto follow-up, contacts lookup, send later and email snooze.Google Analytics – Real-Time reporting on who is visiting your website.  You must have a website and have your website manager install the code to read the reports.

Other useful Apps for you…

Need to get a quick measurement of a physical object in your home or office and don’t have your trusty tape measure handy? (What you were thinking, heading to work without a measuring apparatus in your pocket?!) Well, fret no more: Google’s Measure app is up to the task.

Further blurring the lines between our physical and virtual worlds is PhotoScan, which lets you capture impressively high-quality and glare-free images from your phone’s camera and then save ’em as digital files. PhotoScan directs you through the process of capturing multiple angles of a printed photo and then does all the dirty work of cropping it, straightening it, and just generally making it look good.